NewSQL Database Provider, NuoDB, Announces ISV Partner Program

NuoDB, Inc., a provider of distributed SQL database technology, has announced a further expansion of its global partner program. The company is now offering independent software vendors (ISVs) access to free software, specialized training, and NuoDB’s database experts.

sql-databases-nuodbUsing NuoDB’s distributed SQL database technology can deliver ISVs products on public cloud hosting environments and private clouds, with on-demand capacity, continuous availability and geo-distributed operation.

“Traditional scale-up database systems are not cloud-native, and are both costly and cumbersome without delivering on the promise of the cloud,” said Barry Morris, NuoDB CEO and Co-Founder. “Because NuoDB was designed specifically for the cloud, it provides the benefits ISVs are looking for, like simplicity, flexibility, continuous availability, and active/active operation across datacenters.”

“ISVs need something out of the box that’s secure, flexible enough to solve a variety of problems, easy to automate and resilient in the face of failure,” said Seth Proctor, NuoDB CTO. “Starting from its distributed architecture NuoDB provides a powerful building block for on-premise, public cloud or any other deployment model that needs active-active properties.”

Benefits of the NuoDB ISV Partner Program

  • The NuoDB ISV Partner Program would provide software vendors with benefits such as:
  • Scaling out/in while also automatically handling unexpected spikes or failures.
  • Continuous availability in the face of failure and for a wide variety of maintenance tasks.
  • Being highly secure out of the box, with authentication of all connections and encryption of all data.
  • Running as a single, logical database across multiple datacenters.
  • Treating provisioning interfaces as first-class components.
  • Meeting or beating ISV SQL checklists.
  • Simplification and cost reduction in the deployment, configuration and administration of a NuoDB cloud database.

The new program offers participants:

  • Free NuoDB software
  • Specialized training and documentation
  • Onsite support from a NuoDB solutions engineer
  • Ongoing technical support.

Launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris, NuoDB is based in Cambridge, MA. Used by thousands of developers worldwide, the company’s customers include automotive after-market giant AutoZone, NorthPoint Solutions, DropShip Commerce, and Zombie Studios.