NexGen Cloud Debuts European AI Supercloud, Hyperstack

NexGen Cloud Debuts European AI Supercloud, Hyperstack

NexGen Cloud, a “sustainable” Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, has revealed plans and financing for “one of Europe’s first AI Supercloud deployments.” European businesses, academics, and governments may use this cloud platform of high-performance NVIDIA GPUs in Europe to comply with EU standards while creating generative AI applications.

The AI Supercloud, whose implementation is scheduled to start in October 2023, would also assist in meeting the increased need for faster computing brought on by the growing interest of the technology sector in using generative AI and other artificial intelligence applications to boost productivity and promote creativity. It would also guarantee GPU cloud services accessibility on a regional and economical level for European firms and scale-ups.

The AI Supercloud services from NexGen Cloud will be supplied from data centers in Europe that are solely powered by renewable energy sources, catering to sectors such as media and entertainment, healthcare, and finance.

By June 2024, the European AI Supercloud is anticipated to have over 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, giving businesses access to one of the most powerful GPU-accelerated platforms available worldwide.

“Nations’ economic performance and people’ prosperity will be defined by artificial intelligence. With the help of the AI Supercloud, companies will be able to take a competitive edge in the next technological revolution, all while remaining under European law and benefiting from data sovereignty and security. We will provide an AI Supercloud in partnership with NVIDIA to guarantee that European businesses can outperform their competitors and compete on a global scale.

“AI is going to determine the economic success of nations and define the prosperity of their citizens,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud. “The AI Supercloud will empower businesses to gain competitive advantages in the next evolution of technology, all within the European jurisdiction and the data sovereignty and security that brings. Through our collaboration with NVIDIA, we are going to deliver an AI Supercloud that will ensure that European enterprises can be globally competitive and ahead of competition.”

“NVIDIA compute power is the engine behind businesses looking to use the power of generative AI,” said Jaap Zuiderveld, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EMEA at NVIDIA. “The NexGen Cloud AI Supercloud will provide businesses across Europe with access to this high-end compute power, unlocking the true potential of AI and high-performance computing innovations to help them stay competitive in an evolving global economy.”

NexGen Cloud has teamed up with Moore and Moore Investments Group (MMI) to help finance their AI Supercloud. Together, they have established a special fund that has drawn contributions from MMI’s private investors.

Over the next 12 months, the AI Supercloud will be accessible through NexGen Cloud’s newly unveiled Hyperstack platform, an NVIDIA-powered GPU-accelerated cloud platform that offers direct-to-compute, GPU-accelerated cloud access for the European market. Preorders are being accepted by the corporation now for its October debut.

“The breakthroughs in AI technology and large language models in the past year represent a major moment for enterprises but has so far remained inaccessible to private investors,” said John Moore, Director of MMI. “The AI Supercloud represents a powerful way to drive AI use, meeting compute demand, whilst also democratizing access to some of the most powerful GPU systems on the market. We believe firmly in the potential of this deployment and are excited to open up the opportunity in this venture to our investors.”