Next Demo: Modernizing Legacy Applications

This demo shows taking an existing on-prem, legacy web app running on Windows and modernizing it in place with the Google Cloud Platform. The app itself is meant to manage car insurance claims, but currently requires adjusters to use their digital cameras to take pictures, load them onto their PCs from their SD cards and upload them manually to the site.

What we really need is a mobile app that will take the grunt work out of their day, so we use Firebase to create a mobile app to upload the pics to Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions to monitor the Cloud Storage Bucket for new pics and send them to the app’s API and Apigee to wrap the app’s legacy SOAP API in a JSON/REST endpoint to make it easy to call into. And finally, once we’re done, we use CloudEndure to migrate the app itself into a VM running in the cloud, all of this without touching a line of code in the web app itself.

Duration: 5:57
Publisher: Google Cloud
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