Next Version of Ubuntu for Server and Cloud Environments Released Next Week

ubuntu-server-osCanonical, the company behind operating system Ubuntu, has announced that the next version of Ubuntu for dedicated server and cloud hosting environments, Ubuntu Server 13.10, will be released on 17 October 2013. This 13.10 release makes it possible to deploy a full OpenStack cloud on only 5 servers.

The Ubuntu OS version 13.10 also offers a sophisticated Landscape dashboard for the management of Ubuntu OpenStack clouds, no matter their size. Enterprise management of OpenStack clouds and the workloads deployed on them has been a focus for Canonical in the latest development cycle.

“With Landscape, we simplify the lives of enterprise compliance and administration teams, with a full suite of compliance, performance monitoring and security update tools that work on all cloud and physical environments,” said Federico Lucifredi, who leads Ubuntu server product management. “Now we’ve added real-time dashboards for your OpenStack cloud, too.”

Rapid provisioning

While Ubuntu itself is an operating system, much of the recent work by Canonical and the Ubuntu community has been to deliver complete solutions and applications on top of it. The breakthrough Juju service orchestration tool from Canonical would make it easy to design, deploy, manage and scale workloads securely from a browser or the command line. In 13.10, Juju can instantly deploy an entire software environment or service as a ‘bundle’ directly from the Juju GUI, improving on the previous deployment of individual components. This would reduce complexity and enables administrators to share entire complex workloads consisting of many related parts.

A new installer would enable very rapid provisioning of thousands of nodes, making it suitable for rapid provisioning and re-provisioning in large-scale data centers. The Ubuntu LXC update in 13.10 provides fast (less than one second) and efficient cloning of containers for faster scaling of containerized services, unique to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 13.10 includes Havana, the latest version of OpenStack, with new and updated tools such as Ceilometer for metering and monitoring, and Heat for auto-scaling. Havana is also available to customers on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS thanks to the 12.04 Cloud Archive, from Canonical. This means that LTS users can get access to the latest Ubuntu OpenStack release, tools and features.

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