Nfina Technologies Releases Scalable Servers at HIMSS 2018 Event in Las Vegas, Nevada #HIMSS2018

Server and storage solution manufacturer Nfina Technologies has announced its new line-up of premium scalable servers – available in 1U, 2U, and desktop tower form factors ranging from four SAS/SATA/SSD drives to twenty-four SAS/SATA/SSD/NVMe direct attach drives.

The new scalable severs feature a choice of two Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, up to 28 cores per processor, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512, and Intel Ultra Path Interconnect for improved functionality and throughput of multiple processors. All of these servers offer up to 1.54TB of memory capacity and include support for Intel Optane memory.

Nfina’s five new scalable servers would offer a new level of platform convergence. The new product line-up includes:

  • Nfina 3204R-i20 – 1U Rack Server features four 3.5″ SAS/SATA/SSD drives, two M.2 SSDs, and up to 1.54TB of memory, making it ideal for small enterprise and virtualized computing environments.
  • Nfina 4208T-i20 – Desktop Tower Server is the perfect hybrid storage solution for small to medium business or security applications that don’t require a rack-mount solution and can be configured with a combination of four SAS/SATA/SSD drives, four NVMe drives, and two M.2 SSDs.
  • Nfina 5208R-i20 – 1U Rack Server is a great all-flash SSD/NVMe solution for robust virtualized environments and high-performance computing applications and can be configured with up to eight 2.5″ SSD or NVMe direct attach drives and two M.2 SSDs.
  • Nfina 7212R-i20 – 2U Rack Server features twelve 3.5″ drives and can be configured with a mix of ten SAS/SATA/SSD drives, two NVMe drives, and two M.2 SSDs.  Rear and internal drives are also available on this model. This server is the perfect solution for hyperconverged networks or scale-out storage.
  • Nfina 8224R-i20 – 2U Rack Server is Nfina‘s all-flash solution for hot and warm tier data and dense NVMe storage. This model can be configured with twenty-four 2.5″ SSD/NVMe drives, and two M.2 SSDs, alleviating the I/O bottleneck between high performance and capacity.  Rear and internal SSD drives can also be added to this model.

“We are excited to offer five new scalable servers to our customers”, said Warren Nicholson, President and CEO of Nfina Technologies. “Flexibility, reliability, and scalability are the hallmarks of Nfina’s storage products. They are equally at home as a hyperconverged cluster, NAS, or as a SAN appliance. Data security is provided by engineering total redundancy into our storage products. The result is a rock-solid scalable storage solution with no single point of failure.”

“We are also excited to announce our newly released 7212R-i20 server has been designated a VMware ESXi 6.5 certified server,” added Mr. Nicholson. “Nfina has completed the VMware Hardware Certification Program testing criteria and the 7212R-i20 is now listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide. Certifications for the other scalable servers will be forthcoming.”

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