NGINX Plus Ingress Controller Now Available for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

NGINX, a globally operating company delivering advanced load balancing, web and mobile acceleration, security controls, and application monitoring solutions, has announced support for the use of NGINX Plus as an Ingress controller for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Based on the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller solution is now tested, certified, and supported for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, offering load balancing for customers developing new applications, or moving existing applications into Red Hat OpenShift.

red hat openshiftThe extensive feature set of NGINX Plus would complement Red Hat OpenShift, enabling organizations to deploy applications anywhere across a cluster so they can be reached by outside traffic. It can also improve the resilience and scale-out of deployed applications so they are available, and can respond more quickly to increased demand.

The solution would add support for the advanced features found in NGINX Plus, including a “high-performance” load balancer, content cache, and web server, for delivering applications “with greater performance, reliability, and scalability, as well as added security,” with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Deliver Quality Applications

“In today’s digital environment, it’s critical to deliver feature-rich applications that can quickly respond to changing business requirements,” said Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, at Red Hat. “Containers and Kubernetes increasingly serve as the basis of modern and agile apps, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform provides an innovative platform to help embrace these technologies and drive digital transformation. With NGINX Plus, OpenShift customers can have access to a commercial Ingress controller for traffic management and load balancing of services running in OpenShift.”

NGINX Plus provides native deployment and configuration for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and is fully portable across OpenShift clusters and platforms, with the ability to run in any environment, whether it be cloud, on-premise, or bare metal. NGINX Plus’ capabilities also include Layer 7 routing, end-to end authentication, and request/rate limiting.

“NGINX users, including some of today’s most visited websites and applications, are rapidly adopting containers to gain the essential speed, agility, and flexibility in their application deployments,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX. “By utilizing the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller solution for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, both Red Hat and NGINX customers can build and deliver quality applications at the speed required by their evolving business needs.”

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