Nimble Storage Unveils Storage On-Demand Pricing Model

Flash storage vendor Nimble Storage has announced a pay-as-you-go offering with flexible pricing and deployment models for enterprises and hosting service providers managing storage in cloud hosting environments. Nimble’s Storage on-demand solution has four service level performance tiers, from Bronze till Platinum, and is billed monthly on an economical cents per gigabyte basis for actual usage.

Nimble’s Storage on Demand utility pricing model is based on the customer’s actual usage. By leveraging InfoSight, Nimble‘s intuitive cloud-based management and support engine, cloud hosting operators would be enabled to manage and monitor storage and service levels from a single Web browser thereby eliminating the guesswork associated with storage management. 

nimble-storageNimble Storage on-demand customers can select from one of four service level performance tiers, from high-performance Platinum to capacity-optimized Bronze. Deep data analytics from InfoSight are used by Nimble Storage to ensure that customers always have enough performance and buffer to maintain service levels. Nimble automatically ships additional performance or capacity to a customer, before it is needed, and at no additional cost to the customer. Monthly billing amounts increase or decrease based on actual usage.

“Storage on Demand provides enterprises and service providers with a flexible, efficient and high-performance solution that enables them to build and leverage the benefits and cost-savings of the cloud,” said Gavin Cohen, senior director of strategy and market development, Nimble Storage. “Long-term contracts leave customers with obsolete technology and empty wallets. We want customers to have the peace-of-mind in knowing that they are only paying for what they use and can grow and shrink capacity at any time as their business requirements change.”