Nitrado Selects G-Core Labs to Scale Its IT Infrastructure Internationally

G-Core Labs

Nitrado, an international gaming server hosting firm, has turned to G-Core Labs, an international cloud and edge provider, for IT infrastructure solutions. Nitrado was able to extend its processing capacity thanks to G-Core Labs’ services, allowing for the speedy development of international goods and the prospect of opening data centers in other locations such as Brazil and Japan.

Nitrado is a game server hosting firm with a global reach. It provides gaming and voice servers to its consumer clients, as well as domain name registration services.

Nitrado now has the infrastructure and processing capacity it needs all across the world thanks to its partnership with G-Core Labs. These resources will be used to grow the company’s gaming server hosting services and extend into other areas. The firm has already been able to open numerous new sites as a result of this technology relationship, including So Paulo (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan). G-Core Labs supplies Nitrado with hosting, IP transit, and logistical services in these areas.

“We’ve chosen G-Core Labs as our technological partner because this company has a vast experience in hosting,” said Marcel Bößendörfer, CEO at Nitrado. “It is also very popular in the gaming industry. G-Core Labs provides a low response time worldwide, offers a wide range of equipment types in different locations, and has a responsive support team. We are sure that thanks to our collaboration both parties are going to achieve excellent results in their work.”

Global CDN

Photo Andre Reitenbach, CEO at G-Core Labs
“We are excited to work with Nitrado. We’ll provide the hosting company with all the resources needed to rapidly develop their international products,” said Andre Reitenbach, CEO at G-Core Labs.

Nitrado Enterprise Console also assists game developers and publishers in managing their game server architecture. This ultimate dashboard is a large-scale game server orchestration and monitoring solution for game studios and publishers, providing them with the visibility and perspective they want when dealing with a huge number of servers. SteelShield, a patented patent-pending DDoS protection especially geared to defend UDP and TCP traffic, is also available from Nitrado to protect gaming servers from assaults. SteelShield is computationally impenetrable since it is integrated with the game’s network protocol and backend services.

Clients of Nitrado use gaming servers in Tier IV and Tier 3 data centers all around the world, including Frankfurt, New York, London, Singapore, and Sydney.

“We are excited to work with Nitrado. We’ll provide the hosting company with all the resources needed to rapidly develop their international products. The fact that Nitrado has chosen G-Core Labs as its partner matters a lot to us,” said Andre Reitenbach, CEO at G-Core Labs. “This is yet another confirmation that our gaming solutions are high-quality: cloud with virtual machines and bare metal servers, a global CDN that is capable of delivering heavy content fast and provides other services, cyber protection that includes protection against massive DDoS attacks, et cetera.”