Nokia launches AVA Data Suite for AI/ML on Google Cloud

Nokia - CSPs

To assist communication service providers (CSPs) in standardizing data and streamlining the creation of AI/ML software applications, Nokia has released its AVA Data Suite, which is designed to operate on Google Cloud. It would provide CSPs with deep intelligence across Nokia’s security, automation, and monetization solutions.

The Nokia AVA Data Suite expedites the creation of AI solutions for increased network performance and sustainability, improved subscriber experience, and new income streams by offering CSPs and data scientists standardized, pre-correlated data products bundles spanning 4G, 5G, and fixed domains.

The Nokia AVA Data Suite would effortlessly connect with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI to generate potent AI/ML use cases that drive innovation in the telecommunications sector. The suite is drawn from Nokia’s extensive expertise in developing hundreds of network and subscriber experience use cases.

The Nokia AVA Data Suite may employ BigQuery’s scalable and serverless data warehouse architecture as both a data source and a data store, guaranteeing data readiness and managing massive data sets for AI/ML applications.

The infrastructure required to create and train AI/ML models is provided by Vertex AI. In order to develop and refine machine learning models tailored for particular use cases, such network optimization or predictive maintenance, Nokia AVA Data Suite provides linked data to Vertex AI.

Data Standardization in AI/ML Applications

According to Nokia’s extensive testing, the time needed for data standardization in AI/ML applications may be drastically reduced to as little as three to four weeks. This would be in stark contrast to traditional approaches, which would usually need a laborious four-month schedule.

The Nokia AVA Open Analytics automation framework, which is used in conjunction with AVA Data Suite, enables CSPs to transition from monolithic, centralized data lakes to a hybrid data mesh architecture that abstracts technical complexity while freeing data scientists to concentrate on the requirements of their AI/ML use cases.

“CSPs have experienced high costs, long lead times, and lack of agility when implementing AI/ML projects due to challenges associated with preparing and accessing high quality data sets for these projects,” said Adaora Okeleke, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason.

By offering a collection of carefully chosen network and IT datasets that may provide a common data layer that can be exposed and used to speed up the creation of AI/analytics models, applications, and operations, Nokia’s AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud would assist in resolving these issues.

“The integration of Nokia AVA Data Suite with Google Cloud provides CSPs with a standard library of high quality reusable network and IT data products,” said Vivek Gupta, Head of Telco AI Solutions and Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Through this partnership, CSPs will be able to fully use machine learning and artificial intelligence in the construction, management, and upkeep of their networks.”

“Nokia AVA Data Suite represents the latest step we have taken to provide CSPs with deep intelligence across our security, automation, and monetization solutions,” said Hamdy Farid, senior vice president of business applications at Nokia. “We can assist CSPs in expediting AI/ML projects and advancing toward the realization of zero-touch automation for controlling and enhancing their network operations and services thanks to our significant cooperation with Google Cloud.”