Nokia has enhanced its Altiplano cloud platform and launches Cloud Acceleration Services to support the adoption of SDN (software defined networking) globally. The new services are aimed at the global community of broadband builders and application developers.

The Altiplano platform is an open, modular and fully programmable cloud platform. It allows to leverage the broadband network as a platform. This would make it easy to quickly connect and deploy new devices, applications and services. As a full-featured package or open platform, it would serve each operator’s needs.

Nokia’s Cloud Acceleration Services help build and maintain personalized SDN solution. This would ensure that all network nodes – third party, virtual and legacy – are structured correctly.

“Software defined access is quickly becoming the guiding principle for a growing list of major broadband providers around the world,” said Jeff Heynen, Senior Research Director at Dell’Oro Group. “Suppliers must demonstrate a multitude of capabilities to be chosen as a preferred partner. Operators will give preference to flexible deployment approaches, so they can accommodate both new buildouts, as well as existing infrastructure, along with the needs of the developer community with open APIs and SDKs.”

Sandra Motley
“Our ambition is to bring cloud-based access to operators and be the partner of choice for system integration and advanced automation,” said Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia.

The Software Defined Network

Software-defined access networks (SDAN) would bring flexible cloud attributes to the network. This may include IT-style programming, fast feature delivery, quick adjustments and automation.

Nokia’s new Cloud Acceleration Services are designed to simplify “the network evolution towards cloud and platform operations” by applying a three-step approach. It would allow operators to define the optimal path and pace towards open disaggregated access solutions:

  • Business and technology consulting services and modeling tools help quantify the operator specific SDAN benefits and use cases
  • System integration, automated testing services and key assets like Nokia SDAN Multivendor Integration Centers and Migration Operations Centers bring the customized SDAN solution from drawing board to reality
  • The cloud-native capabilities of the Nokia Altiplano platform, combined with Nokia’s System Integration approach and Nokia DevOps Automation Platform help operators test and quickly launch their new features and services

Nokia also offers the Altiplano Developer Portal, with a software development kit (SDK) – to “easily” integrate and fully control the connectivity of devices and applications. This allows custom solutions with a mix of Nokia and third-party elements to be engineered. Operators also gain access to a virtual lab, where they can “easily” develop and test applications and services before deployment. Under the Connected Partner Program, independent software vendors proactively can integrate their OSS applications with Nokia fixed networks solutions to “fast track” integration efforts.

With the new 1RU Lightspan DF-16G fiber node and modular chassis Lightspan MX-6, Nokia would offer a complete portfolio of SDN native nodes. It ranges from large chassis-based systems and data-center-inspired pod designs to smaller stackable nodes and sealed/dense micro-nodes. For operators with compatible ISAM MX-6 platforms, Lightspan MX-6 enables smooth evolution to SDN via software upgrade.

“Our ambition is to bring cloud-based access to operators and be the partner of choice for system integration and advanced automation,” said Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia. “We have the platform, the ecosystem and the expertise to help operators deploy disaggregated access networks. In fact, we already have more than 250 cloud-ready customer deployments in place around the world.”