Nordic IT Company Advania Data Centers Expands Its HPCaaS Cloud in Iceland

Advania Data Centers, a Nordic IT company with a staff of over 1300 employees across 17 offices located in three countries, has launched a new cloud service. Advania’s latest service is dedicated to delivering HPC – where companies can outsource their HPC cluster to Advania’s HPCaaS cloud, hosted in Advania Data Centers in Iceland.

Advania Data Centers’ HPCaaS Cloud can accommodate hosted HPC clusters, as well as allowing users to scale up and down as needed, while only paying for what they use. The new HPCaaS cloud has been developed in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

advania data centers“We have developed a service and capabilities to address the needs of even the most demanding HPC operators and it has proven to deliver great value for our customers.” said Eyjolfur Magnus Kristinsson, Managing Director of Advania Data Centers. “This expansion of our HPC platform is our next step to offer the HPCaaS cloud at scale to customers that demand increased flexibility and want to be able to scale their environments as needed. While we are not disclosing how large this expansion is, I can say that this step of the expansion includes thousands of cores.”

This HPCaaS Cloud expansion includes the latest hardware from HPE, Intel and Panasas; purpose built for HPC workloads with “high speed” interconnect and flexible storage options suitable for most HPC operators.

“We are extremely happy to be able to expand our HPCaaS platform this quickly and have already signed the first customers on to the HPCaaS cloud,” said Hans Rickardt, HPC Specialist at Advania Data Centers. “The Cluster is built with HPE Apollo 6000 chassis and the servers are xl230a, configured with Broadwell E5-2683v4 2×16 core, 256 GByte memory, 1.92TB SSD, 10Gbit Ethernet and high-speed interconnect and 100Gbit Intel Omnipath. During cluster verification and burn-in test I ran Linpack on 3200 cores and was able to achieve over 100TFlops, with a fantastic efficiency of 96%. I can state that our HPCaaS cloud performance is outstanding.”

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