Dutch colocation provider NorthC Datacenters will expand its existing data center in the Rotterdam area. The NorthC colocation data center in Rotterdam Zestienhoven will be expanded with 4.5 megawatts of IT load and 3,000 m2 of IT area.

In addition to Rotterdam Zestienhoven, NorthC Datacenters has two more facilities in South Holland, in Rotterdam Waalhaven and Delft respectively. Thanks to the growing business ecosystem of the South Holland province in the Netherlands, the region would offer an interesting location climate for tech companies. This makes the province an attractive location for NorthC Datacenters.

As an operator of data center colocation facilities in the Netherlands, NorthC Datacenters has ten sites available with a total area of nearly 60,000 square meters and an electrical capacity of 44 megawatts.

“South Holland is leading the world in various sectors that have a serious chance of solving social problems. But without data centers – to process and store all that data – this is impossible,” said Roos Vermeij, alderman for economics in Rotterdam. “We are therefore very pleased that our ecosystem is such an attractive location for important players like NorthC. We are working hard on this together with InnovationQuarter and the province of South Holland. This is a great boost for the region.”

Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam/The Hague

“Digitalization is a topic on which South Holland parties work incredibly well together,” said Next Delta quartermaster at InnovationQuarter, Martin Prins. InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for South Holland in the Netherlands. “There is no competitive atmosphere, we work together for the overarching interest.

Together with the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam-The Hague (MRDH), the Province of South Holland and other partners, Mr. Prins worked as a quartermaster of the Next Delta program on the South Holland proposition for data centers. “Thanks to our collaboration, we have put South Holland on the map as a twin location for Amsterdam,” he added. “We are going for high-quality and sustainable data centers. It’s all about the added value for the Netherlands.”

Greenhouse Datacenters, SmartDC

“Processing data at central locations in a data center is no longer always the best solution,” said Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC Datacenters. “It is more effective and economical to process part of the generated data close to the user, or close to location where the data is created. Only the results of that initial processing are then forwarded to a central location for further analysis and storage. A regional data center is therefore a good solution for both the processor and the user of data.”

The Amsterdam area is well-known globally as one of the hottest Internet hubs where many companies have established data center presence. But the Rotterdam/The Hague area is actually not that far away from Amsterdam while the two cities are the largest cities in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Some colocation data center operators even provide near-zero latency links with Amsterdam, such as Greenhouse Datacenters. The two colocation facilities of Greenhouse are located in Naaldwijk, in the Rotterdam/The Hague area.

Another example of a colocation provider in this area is SmartDC. This company also has a facility available in Heerlen, the Netherlands. SmartDC claims this facility to have a 5ms latency connection with Frankfurt.

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