NorthC is The New Name of The Datacenter Group and NLDC

NorthC data centerData center companies The Datacenter Group (TDCG) and NLDC merged in July 2019. Now these combined data center entities will start operating under a new brand name, NorthC. With ten data centers throughout the Netherlands, NorthC is probably the largest regional data center company in the Netherlands, serving large organizations and government institutions, as well as cloud and IT service providers and smaller enterprises.

NorthC’s data centers are spanning a total area of almost 80,000 m2 and offer a total electrical capacity of 65 megawatts.

Alexandra Schless
“There is no other data center player in the Netherlands with a comparable presence in different regions,” said Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC.

Under the new brand name, NorthC aims to grow into a leading player in the Netherlands in the field of regional data center services in the coming years. “There is no other data center player in the Netherlands with a comparable presence in different regions,” said Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC. “We see that more and more customers are looking for a reliable local data center provider that offers the ability to do business with other parties in the region and has fast connections, but also provides access to international providers of IT, network and cloud services. Our new name ‘NorthC’ emphasizes this regional character of the company, while the ‘C’ represents our core values: customers, connectivity, cloud and content.”

NorthC is owned by investment fund DWS. NorthC’s ambition is to continue to grow and expand with new data centers in the coming years. In doing so, NorthC is also looking beyond the Netherlands borders to other locations in Europe.

Connectivity with Public and Private Clouds

NorthC Data CentersAccording to Schless, presence in the various regions of the Netherlands and a wide range of connectivity options are decisive factors for many customers. “Five years ago, the choice of a data center partner was mainly about issues such as kilowatts and cooling,” added Alexandra Schless. “Now organizations are faced with the choice, what am I going to put in the cloud and how can I best do that? What they manage themselves in a data center, they want to have nearby, plus good and fast connectivity with providers of both public and private clouds. This connectivity demand is essential in this regard.”

With ten interconnected data centers, in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Groningen and Eindhoven respectively, there is a location nearby for every organization in the Netherlands. The locations are connected to each other via a “fast” connection: the Region Connect Ring. This gives customers from every region access to different ecosystems. Thanks to close cooperation with regional IT partners, NorthC would be able to offer total solutions that help customers in their digital transformation.

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