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NetDevOps brings the culture and methods of DevOps to networking so you can deliver network services faster, more reliably, and aligned with the needs of your business.

If you’re ready to learn more about this growing movement, this episode of Cisco TechWiseTV is a great place to start.

The network is one of the most critical elements in IT, yet it is seen as complex and fragile. Fear of network changes makes it impossible for networking teams to deliver the agility required for today’s digital businesses.

Adopting a NetDevOps culture can change all that. Cisco DevNet evangelist Hank Preston joins Robb Boyd in the TechWiseTV lab to explain this cultural and process shift in IT and how network engineers can help lead the way for their organizations.

In this episode:

• Why NetDevOps is more than automation and network as code
• The continuous development process that will make network changes routine and reliable
• The NetDevOps pipeline and why you need it
• How to enable a “network as a service” model where customers choose from a catalog of APIs
• How monitoring will shift from a forensic tool to a proactive one for health and improvement
• Why network engineers need to become full stack networkers

The episode concludes with a list of valuable resources for learning more, including Cisco’s new NetDevOps Live!, new demos, and sandboxes in the Cisco DevNet community.

Duration: 21:48
Publisher: Cisco
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