NovaStor Releases DataCenter 6.0 Backup Software for Accelerated Data Restoration

NovaStor, an international provider of backup solutions, has released the latest version of its network backup software, DataCenter 6.0. NovaStor DataCenter software would accelerate the backup and recovery of business data in both physical and virtual environments.

The new software version builds upon existing cross-site backup and restore capability and adds new features to support the latest technologies for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.

DataCenter 6.0 features a decentralized architecture. Even in the case of a central database failure, Novastor DataCenter 6.0 would maintain the ability to restore through the use of distributed metadata. Additionally, when it comes to supporting small to medium sized businesses, cross-site media management has been added for “seamless” data retrieval.

Speed Enhanced for File and System Recovery

The new version, DataCenter 6.0 would allow users to quickly restore from media other than the original backup destination. For example, should a storage device become defective, with DataCenter 6.0 businesses can revert to an alternate disk pool. Also copies created outside of DataCenter to another location (such as a replicated NAS device) become available for data restore.

For reliable protection against data loss – including user error, technical failures and natural disasters – NovaStor always recommends following the ‘3-2-1 Backup Rule’. With three different backups, using multiple media types at two different locations, with one copy offsite, corporate data would be protected against local hazards. DataCenter 6.0 provides businesses who follow this strategy a single, uninterrupted restore path – regardless of the number of backups or locations.

Hyper-V, VMware Backup & Restore

With version 6.0, new technologies are introduced which would optimize the creation and restore of virtual machine images. In addition to restoring entire systems, users are able to use Single File Restore to pinpoint specific data for fast restore under both VMware and Hyper-V. The restore can also be assigned to a media pool which is on a completely different server than the VMware Proxy.

novastor cloud backupNovastor DataCenter utilizes a ‘single pane of glass’ interface to manage the entire network regardless of the technologies used, including Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and VMware machines. With the new version 6.0, businesses can now secure Microsoft Exchange 2016 with the ability to restore the entire application, but also individual mails. The new version fully supports the backup of Microsoft SQL 2016 as well as Hyper-V 2016 technologies.

With technical support based out of the U.S. corporate office in Agoura Hills, California – Novastor backup and restore experts support customers and partners with a team of experienced backup engineers. Users receive personal responses by email, phone or remote access in all matters relating to their backup environment.

“With the new version of DataCenter, backup administrators are now presented with a broader range of flexibility when it comes to recovering their critical data,” said Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor. “Components which are typically considered necessary for a fast restore to occur in competing solutions, such as the original backup files or a central database, are no longer absolute requirements. DataCenter’s unique architecture employs an intelligent fault tolerance that eliminates any obstacles that could typically prevent the successful and timely restore of data.”

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