NovaStor Releases New “High-Speed” Network Backup Solution for Small Business, NovaBACKUP Network

NovaStor USA has released NovaBACKUP Network, a centralized backup solution for small Windows networks. The new solution supports Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, VMware and Hyper-V with multi-streaming capability.

With the new NovaBACKUP Network, NovaStor now provides for the first time a truly networkable and centrally managed backup software for small Windows networks. NovaBACKUP Network software protects Windows Servers with support for granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-V).

Centralized Network Backup

With a single interface for backup and restore as well as media management, NovaBACKUP Network would simplify centralized backup for small Windows networks. The graphics user interface would utilize clear tables structures, and a streamlined design to reduce administrative workload and a minimized chance of human error.

novastor cloud backupNovaBACKUP Network supports media of choice whether it’s a NAS, RDX or individual tapes or even tape libraries. Businesses implement the backup strategy of their choice with the ability to use storage media from any manufacturer at any price point. Central management would make the storage of media in multiple locations simple, thus providing protection against data loss due to local threats such as vandalism, fire or flooding.

The new backup solution would also accelerate backup and recovery times regardless of medium though multi-streaming technologies. While some applications perform tasks chronologically, NovaBACKUP Network executes jobs in parallel, simultaneously managing up to 128 streams of data.

“NovaBACKUP Network fulfills a crucial need in our product line. NovaStor’s proven combination of superior customer service and industry-leading technology now makes backing up small networks centrally a reality,” said Mike Andrews, Managing Director of NovaStor. “The price-performance ratio of our new offering is simply unmatched in the industry.”