Now's not the time to ignore Disaster Recovery – learn what you need to know [webinar]

Disaster Recovery can either seem overly complicated or unnecessary, but both of those attitudes can be problematic. The fact is that in today’s world, where it is so easy to become the target (or unintended victim) of a criminal or state-sponsored attack, having a Disaster Recovery plan is absolutely crucial. Even a simple ransomware attack can turn into a disaster if all countermeasures ultimately fail.

In this webinar, Mirantis Solution Architect Ben Dorman gives you the foundation you need to understand how you can begin formulating your own Disaster Recovery plan including:
– What constitutes a disaster for you
– What your Disaster Recovery plan needs to accomplish
– The concept of Application Data Mobility
– How cloud native technologies affect your Disaster Recovery plan

0:00 – Intro & Agenda
0:48 – What could possibly go wrong?
2:52 – What is business continuity?
5:45 – Helpful definitions when talking Disaster Recovery
8:13 – What is actually in a Disaster Recovery plan
27:07 – Enterprise Disaster Recovery planning
34:29 – Cloud Native Disaster Recovery planning
41:30 – Quick summary
43:38 – Live Q&A

Duration: 00:59:50
Publisher: Mirantis
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