NSFOCUS Unveils DDoS MitigationACT Solution Series for Web Hosting Providers

NSFOCUS, Inc., a global provider of DDoS mitigation solutions, has unveiled its MitigationACT Solution Series to help small- to medium-sized web hosting providers overcome implementation barriers related to DDoS mitigation. The MitigationACT Solution Series would offer web hosting providers a turnkey solution.

ddos-mitiigation-nsfocusThe MitigationACT Solution Series combines equipment, training and ongoing consultation. The solution includes NSFOCUS’ Anti-DDoS System (ADS) 4020 series product, which can mitigate attacks of up to 10 Gbps, and NSFOCUS’ Managed Security Service (MSS), which complements the ADS4020 series with dedicated monitoring from NSFOCUS’ cloud-based network security operation centers around the world with 24/7 access to a DDoS expert, and ongoing support and training. Web hosting providers’ on-premise NSFOCUS equipment is augmented with additional mitigation capacity via NSFOCUS’ scrubbing centers in North America.

Three-tiered anti-DDoS model

The MitigationACT Solution Series complements NSFOCUS’ three-tiered anti-DDoS model, helping customers better understand DDoS mechanics and mitigation strategies at all levels.

web-hosting-providers-nsfocusThe first tier protects end-users in real time from network- and application-layer attacks that are small in size, short in duration and frequent in occurrence through the deployment of the NSFOCUS ADS2000 and ADS4020 series hardware solutions. The second tier offers around-the-clock DDoS protection for web hosting providers through the NSFOCUS ADS6020 hardware and MSS offering, and the third tier delivers end-to-end protection via NSFOCUS’ scrubbing centers NSFOCUS in North America as the final safety net. These three tiers would ensure that clients are protected against current and future threats.