NTT Com Expands DRaaS Offering by Leveraging Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

NTT Communications (NTT Com) has enhanced its Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering by leveraging Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. The new DRaaS offering enables replication of enterprise workloads to an NTT Com data center or Microsoft Azure, providing real-time business continuity (BC) in the case of unexpected server failures or planned downtime.

One of the world’s largest cloud, network and data center providers, NTT Com has brought its global IT capabilities to DRaaS. An automated disaster recovery software solution, Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is built upon the capabilities of Azure. The integration of Azure Site Recovery within NTT Com’s managed services platform would provide a “powerful and flexible enterprise solution that overcomes limitations and reduces costs.”

microsoft azure cloud“With no capital investment and paying for only the resources they consume, enterprise customers can replicate their primary environment to NTT Com or to Microsoft Azure, depending on their requirements,” said Justin Bannister, Product Manager, North America, NTT Com. “This is a key differentiator – with NTT Com’s full suite of managed cloud and DRaaS services, customers can securely replicate workloads that don’t fit in the public cloud to an NTT Com data center. They have options.”

In addition to replication, NTT Com’s DRaaS offering provides full-scale planning, implementation, testing and management. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner with a team of Azure experts, NTT Com would take a consultative approach, providing customizable solutions that best fit an enterprise’s physical and virtualized environments, service level agreement (SLA) needs, and recovery point and recovery time objective (RPO/RTO) targets.

A one-stop shop, NTT Com fully manages a customer’s DRaaS solution, including event response, monitoring, recovery plan testing, and operation. Microsoft technology supports the offering’s “expansive” capabilities.

“Your customers expect your systems to be online 24×7,” said Scott Woodgate, director, Microsoft Azure at Microsoft. “Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is modern disaster recovery technology that is easy to use, cost effective and reliable. As an Azure cloud service, it’s easy to test your solution without the complexities associated with traditional on-premises disaster recovery. We are pleased that NTT Com, a global ICT leader with an extensive managed services portfolio of its own, is now offering this service.”