Nubeva Joins Cloud28+ Digital Marketplace, Announces Availability of Its New Cloud Security Software

NubevaNubeva has announced its membership in the Cloud28+ digital marketplace and the availability of its “innovative” StratusEdge cloud security software. The new software would enable organizations to have full visibility and control of their public cloud environments.

As applications and workloads migrate to the cloud, organizations would lose full visibility of network traffic and the ability to manage their security policies inside the cloud environment. As a result, they would be quite vulnerable to malicious attacks while unable to secure critical operations.

Powered by “breakthrough” Blockchain Routing technology, Nubeva StratusEdge would enable organizations to see, control, and trust network traffic inside their public and virtual private cloud environments. It also extends organizations’ existing data center policies and controls into the cloud.

“We are excited to join Cloud28+ and further accelerate cloud adoption through our breakthrough cloud security capability,” said Randy Chou, CEO of Nubeva. “We are looking forward to building new partnerships and increasing our customer interactions with the community and its digital platform.”

Cloud28+ Digital Marketplace

With close to 700 partners in 60 countries, offering 23,000 services from over 370 data centers in over 30 countries, Cloud28+ is one of the largest cloud aggregators today. Cloud28+ was born out of an initiative spearheaded by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to create a cloud community of European cloud service providers (CSPs), ISVs, and resellers

“We are thrilled to have an innovative partner such as Nubeva as part of the Cloud28+ ecosystem,” said Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President, Worldwide Indirect Digital Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Our aim is to accelerate trusted hybrid IT and cloud adoption for all of our members, working together to improve knowledge levels and customer choice.”

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