NucleusHealth Announces Commercial Licensing of Its Azure Cloud Based Medical Image Management PaaS

NucleusHealth, a company advancing patient care through innovation in cloud-based medical image management, has announced the commercial licensing of its Platform-as-a-Service (Nucleus PaaS) solution. By leveraging Microsoft Azure, Nucleus PaaS can transform the landscape of medical image transfer and accessibility to empower care teams.

“Many healthcare systems and companies have either developed or acquired clinical applications to deliver patient data to caregivers while they’re remote or mobile,” said Claude Hooton, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), NucleusHealth. “However, the key data missing in these applications are current and prior diagnostic medical images (i.e. DICOM), which are critical for delivering superior patient care, enhancing various workflows, and even for creating new revenue opportunities.”

Others in the healthcare industry would also have a need to consume medical imaging data in areas such as planning applications for medical devices, for custom manufacturing of implants, for clinical research and tracking of clinical outcomes, and for product development. Nucleus PaaS enables cloud-based medical imaging integration to current clinical systems and to the third-party applications.

By leveraging Microsoft Azure, Nucleus PaaS can transform the landscape of medical image transfer and accessibility to empower care teams and unleash new capabilities for the entire imaging ecosystem ranging from providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical SaaS application developers, to payors.

Developers would be able to take full advantage of the platform through a layer of RESTful APIs to support clinical workflows and build custom web-based medical imaging applications faster and easier. The solution would also provide an excellent means to extract greater value from data through advanced analytics and machine learning. Using Nucleus PaaS allows developers to create, test, manage, automate and update their unique apps without having to spend years building their web-based platform.

The platform powers a complete suite of cloud-based imaging applications built on Nucleus PaaS, each developed to optimize interactions with medical images end-to-end, including diagnostic reading, archiving, image sharing, and clinical viewing. is infinitely scalable and enables secured remote access to any Internet enabled device, made possible with patented StatStream technology for immediate access to even the largest of medical images.’s client-side rendering techniques would solve for latency with instant load times and “a responsive user experience without loss of performance or image quality.”

Technology licensing opportunities for include the web-scale Platform-as-a-Service (Nucleus PaaS) as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The Nucleus PaaS solution will be showcased within the Microsoft booth (booth no. 3832) at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2018 conference in Las Vegas.