Nuspay Selects Microsoft Azure for Its Digital Currency Platform

Nuspay, a global digital currency payment network provider facilitating the acceptance and processing of all forms of payments through its patent-pending technologies, has selected Microsoft Azure to deliver their cloud hosting infrastructure services.

Nuspay has developed a complete end-to-end digital currency ecosystem. The Nuspay Digital Currency (NDC) cryptocurrency ecosystem was engineered to meet and exceed the current and future challenges facing governments, central banks, monetary authorities and enterprises seeking to deploy digital currency. Additionally Nuspay is in the process of developing an international digital currency exchange with planned sites in Singapore and the Caribbean.

“We selected Microsoft Azure based on its reliability, scalability, security and environmental sustainability,” said Greg A Wooten, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Nuspay. “Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure has over a million servers hosted in 100+ globally distributed data centers with the ability to process over 1.5 million network transaction requests per second.”

nuspay digital currency platformAs a startup company, Nuspay started its journey with the mission of creating a global digital currency / cryptocurrency payment solution that is secure and can be managed without having to disclose real account information to anyone.

To make customers’ sensitive payment information safe and secure, Nuspay came up with the patent-pending idea of tokenizing payment information based on the user’s bank account for every transaction. Their tokenizing method, named Virtual Account, is a cashless and contactless payment solution. It would ensure the protection of customers’ primary details through unique and random token numbers.

Nuspay needed the ability to reassure its customers, clients and strategic partners that our centralized digital currency platform had its roots firmly imbedded in a world-class cloud infrastructure that had the ability to go to the moon and back if needed,” added Greg A Wooten. “Utilizing Microsoft Azure allows me to focus on our global growth without having to be concerned about our infrastructure.”

Nuspay was founded in Delaware in April 2014 and is located in Sunnyvale, California. Nuspay is represented by three offices in the US and Asia. The company’s two innovation laboratories are located in Delhi and Hyderabad (India).

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