NVIDIA and Deep Learning Research with Bryan Catanzaro: GCPPodcast 119

Original post: https://www.gcppodcast.com/post/episode-119-nvidia-and-deep-learning-research-with-bryan-catanzaro/

Bryan Catanzaro the VP Applied Deep Learning Research at NVIDIA joins Mark and Melanie this week to discuss how his team uses applied deep learning to make NVIDIA products and processes better. We talk about parallel processing and compute with GPUs as well as his team’s research in graphics, text and audio to change how these forms of communication are created and rendered by using deep learning. This week we are also joined by a special co-host, Sherol Chen who is a developer advocate on GCP and machine learning researcher on Magenta at Google. Listen at the end of the podcast where Mark and Sherol chat about all things GDC.

Duration: 43:57
Publisher: Google Cloud
You can watch this video also at the source.

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