NYC Server Build: A snapshot into Internap’s Agile Hosting Platform

Internap’s Agile platform, consisting of AgileSERVERS and AgileCLOUD, requires constant expansion in order to ensure adequate capacity for the needs of our customers. This video comes from one such expansion in New York City, and shows some of the work required to deliver “instant” AgileSERVERS.

Racking and stacking hundreds of servers is only one part of making the Agile Platform operational. Many elements that are critical to building the platform are not physical at all.

One API (to rule them all)
Internap’s hosting API (hAPI) provides a single interface for working with the entire Agile Platform, from servers to cloud. This single API makes it easier to deploy the right kind of resources for any need, without having to integrate with multiple different vendors’ APIs. This means less time integrating and coding and more time focusing on the applications running on the platform.

One SLA (to find them)
Internap understands that managing your application uptime across platforms can be challenging, so we offer a single Service Level Agreement (SLA) for AgileSERVERs and AgileCLOUD. This combined SLA makes the business decision to move applications between hosting options easier, without sacrificing SLA uptime guarantees. Internap’s Agile Platform provides a highly reliable customer experience, and guarantees the same service level regardless of the hosting service.

One Platform (to bind them)
Internap developed this hybrid platform using a large number of standardized servers, which allows us to offer these devices either customized on a monthly basis, or “as is” by the hour. While the individual facilities are different, the build-out process is standardized and plays out globally. The Agile Platform is designed for fast and flexible hybrid infrastructure, so the process for deploying servers is the same within the portal or via the API, regardless of whether the server is needed in Asia, Europe or in our US datacenters. By providing a unified global platform, Internap makes it easy to enable the most demanding media and content websites to instantly flex between physical and virtual resources, in locations that circle the globe.

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Duration: 1:38
Publisher: Internap
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