Object Storage Company SwiftStack Expands in Silicon Valley with Innovation Center in San Jose

SwiftStack, a provider of object storage solutions built on OpenStack Swift at its core, has announced the opening of its new Innovation Center in San Jose, California. Strategically based in a storage industry hot spot, with a wealth of veteran storage talent, the Innovation Center will focus on cloud storage advancement and serve as a second design center for software development teams.

The new facility will feature a customer briefing center space to showcase technology demonstrations. It will also serve as a collaboration space for development partners in the technology ecosystem. At the same time, SwiftStack continues to scale its San Francisco headquarters office by investing in sales, marketing, support, as well as engineering.

“Based on our rapidly growing community of enterprise customers, SwiftStack is the fastest growing object storage company in the industry,” said Don Jaworski, CEO of SwiftStack. “As we go through this expansion, San Jose in the south bay has the highest concentration of storage expertise to complement the cloud expertise available in San Francisco. We believe our new Silicon Valley Innovation Center with new local talent will further accelerate our growth and development of our storage technology that provides customers with the characteristics of public cloud storage from within their own data centers.”

swiftstack object storageThe SwiftStack solution, built on OpenStack Swift at its core, is managed by a unique out-of-band controller and includes scale-out nodes with rolling upgrades as well as a file-system gateway interface for traditional applications.

“This new engineering location will continue to help SwiftStack attract top talent in the industry as we advance the state of the art of object storage for today’s and tomorrow’s applications,” said Anders Tjernlund, COO and founder of SwiftStack. “We immediately saw a spike in inbound job applications from veteran storage engineers the moment word of this Innovation Center got out on the job boards.”

The SwiftStack Silicon Valley Innovation Center address is:

1054 South De Anza Boulevard

San Jose, CA 95129