Object Storage Software Supplier, Caringo, Is Now HPE Helion Ready

Caringo, an object storage software supplier, has announced that its Caringo Swarm software-defined object software is now fully tested and supported for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion OpenStack – as part of the HPE Helion Ready Program for Solution Providers.

Caringo Swarm is software-defined object storage built to control any volume, flow or size of unstructured information. This would dramatically reduce complexity while extracting maximum value and performance from HPE hardware.

Caringo Swarm for HPE Helion OpenStack plugs into Swift and replaces the Swift object server with Swarm. HPE Helion OpenStack Swift accounts, containers, authentication and access controls are maintained, enabling seamless integration of Swarm with OpenStack’s compute and imaging components. Swarm for HPE Helion OpenStack would give organizations a “robust, fully supported, easy-to-manage and deploy” object store while still benefiting from the progress the OpenStack community is achieving.

caringo-object-storage“We are excited to be part of the HPE Helion Ready Program, allowing our bulletproof object storage software to be used in conjunction with the HPE Helion OpenStack platform,” said Tony Barbagallo, Caringo’s VP of Product. “HPE Helion users now have immediate access to a tested, fully documented and supported object store that radically simplifies management and offers flexible, enterprise-grade data protection.”

The HPE Helion Ready Program offers a catalog of ISV and SaaS solutions across industry workloads tested to run on HPE Helion OpenStack and the HPE Helion Development Platform. This program would allow customers to confidently deploy HPE Helion OpenStack in heterogeneous environments with hardware and software solutions that are tested and supported.


At SC15, the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, taking place November 16 – 19 in Austin, Texas, Caringo is exhibiting its object storage software platform, Caringo Swarm. The offerings Caringo will be demonstrating at SC15 include:

  • hpc-sc15Caringo Swarm – Caringo’s software-defined object storage would leverage simple and emergent behavior with decentralized coordination to handle any rate, flow or size of data. Swarm would turn standard hardware into a reliable pool of resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services.
  • Caringo SwarmFS for Hadoop – a native Hadoop connector that directly accesses the massively parallel storage of Caringo Swarm, enabling Hadoop users to reduce their storage footprint while working with existing applications and meeting compliance regulations.
  • Caringo FileFly for Swarm – plugs into file servers combining the performance of file servers with the scalability and economy of object storage without affecting existing mount points or applications.

In addition, Caringo will be showcasing integration with Mangstor High-Performance Storage, an NVMe PCIe SSD and NVMe over fabric, all-flash storage solution that accelerates application workloads over standard Ethernet or InfiniBand networks to provide 10X higher IOPs performance and 10X lower latency compared to legacy flash storage arrays.

At SC15, November 16 – 19, Caringo can be found in Booth 489 of the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.