ObserveIT Launches CloudThreat Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Solution

ObserveIT, a provider of user behavior monitoring, has announced the launch of the company’s newest offering, ObserveIT CloudThreat for Amazon Web Services (AWS). ObserveIT CloudThreat for AWS is a free product that protects AWS hosted environments from cyber and insider threats with user behavior monitoring and analytics.

Amazon provides performance and availability monitoring of Amazon’s cloud hosting infrastructure, but the customer is responsible for securing their own data, applications and virtual machines. ObserveIT CloudThreat would fill this security gap, fully integrating into Amazon’s CloudWatch – the de facto AWS monitoring solution – providing customers a single pane of glass for all cloud hosting operations. 

ObserveIT CloudThreat for AWS is a lightweight agent that is easily deployed on any Amazon Linux AMI, according to ObserveIT. All threat and user activity data is fed into Amazon CloudWatch via Web Services APIs. CloudThreat provides visibility into all administrative actions and creates detailed user activity logs of the actual commands being run. In addition, CloudThreat would ensure the accountability of administrative access and track the original user ID throughout the session even if the user impersonates or elevates privileges.

aws-cloudObserveIT also announced that Simeio Solutions and 8KMiles, both leading AWS cloud hosting service providers, are using ObserveIT CloudThreat. 

“Hackers gaining access to sensitive data via a company’s cloud environment is a threat left unaddressed for far too long,” said Paul Brady, CEO of ObserveIT. “CloudThreat protects data in the cloud by monitoring user behavior within a company’s cloud environment and detecting when hackers are attempting to hijack and leverage user credentials.”

ObserveIT has more than 1,200 customers in over 70 countries. The company’s user recording technology captures all user activity across all applications, even applications without logs, and creates user activity logs making it easy to search, analyze, and audit user behavior.

“With the introduction of ObserveIT CloudThreat, ObserveIT has improved cloud security by proactively identifying security threats, before they turn into major security incidents, using user activity monitoring and behavioral analytics,” said Lena Kannappan, 8KMiles COO. “8KMiles is pleased to include ObserveIT in its Cloud Security framework to enhance the security posture for our customers, especially those who have stringent compliance requirements, in such markets as Biopharma, Healthcare and Financial verticals.”