OCP Data Center Solutions Vendor, Wiwynn, Introduces Its High Density NVMe JBOF with Intel SSD ‘Ruler’ Form Factor

Wiwynn, an innovative OCP (Open Compute Project) solution provider delivering high-end computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for data centers, has introduced its new high-density 1U all-flash JBOF (Just a bunch of flash) – ST5100, based on the open-source cloud hardware specifications of Microsoft’s Project Olympus.

The new system accommodates up to 16 hot-swappable Intel NVMe SSD ‘ruler’ form factors or 64 M.2 SSD modules to increase capacity and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for data centers.

“Microsoft’s Project Olympus is a first-of-its-kind open hardware development model that has created real innovation data center deployments across the globe in both cloud and enterprise,” said Kushagra Vaid, General Manager and Distinguished Engineer, Azure Hardware Infrastructure, Microsoft. “Our longstanding collaborations with Wiwynn and Intel have rapidly developed a solution with high density at scale.”

The Wiwynn ST5100 is a 19” all-flash NVMe JBOF that supports cold-aisle I/O and standalone PSU. Along with the blind-mate installation supported chassis, this system provides remarkable serviceability for data center operators.

“Wiwynn prioritizes data center workload optimization and best TCO,” said Emily Hong, President at Wiwynn. “We are excited to introduce the innovative ST5100 that combines the advantages of Microsoft’s Project Olympus and Intel’s SSD ruler form factor for data centers for serviceability, high-density storage capacity, and thermal efficiency all in one 1U system.”

High Throughput, Low Latency

With 16 hot-swappable Intel SSD ruler form factors, based on the EDSFF (Enterprise & Datacenter SSD Form Factor) standard, Wiwynn ST5100 would support “high throughput, low latency and extraordinary capacity per drive and per system.” Data centers can therefore pack more storage into less space, use less power and lower costs, stated Wiwynn.

“We are very excited to see the ecosystem embrace this revolutionary form factor that was purpose-built to deliver higher capacity per drive and per server, along with unparalleled thermal efficiency and more efficient management at scale,” said Bill Leszinske, Corporate Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Business Development of the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Solutions Group, Intel. “It’s our pleasure to work with Wiwynn and Microsoft to turn this market-leading technology into an innovative and complete solution that enables customers to reimagine their data center.”

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