Octo Now Delivers Data Mesh Solutions to Federal Sector with AWS

AWS lego

With the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Octo is planning to provide its data mesh solutions to federal government clients. Through this initiative, Octo plans to assist government clients that want to become data-driven organizations while increasing the mission value obtained from their data analytics investments. AWS will assist in this endeavor to create specialized products and services, improve already-existing ones like Octo’s Data Mesh offering, and build new ones.

Octo, with its headquarters in Reston, Virginia, provides cutting-edge technology vital to the U.S. national security, defense, healthcare, and civilian agencies, as well as the intelligence community. Octo delivers services including Agile, DevSecOps, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, cloud, open source, and data science solutions.

Data mesh is a new approach to thinking about data. It’s based on a distributed architecture for data management. By directly linking data owners, data producers, and data consumers, the goal is to increase the availability and accessibility of data to users. Data mesh seeks to boost acceptance of contemporary data structures while also enhancing the commercial results of data-centric solutions.

Data mesh is a data architecture that treats each data silo as a microservice and uses an event-driven approach to share data throughout a federal government organization. The adoption of microservices over the past decade has revolutionized software development and delivery.

“Octo’s innovative data mesh solution leverages AWS analytics services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EMR, and AWS Glue in a robust, self-service data platform to enable federal government organizations to adopt a new paradigm for meeting the increasing demands for critical analytics data at scale,” said Cindy Walker, Vice President Data Center of Excellence at Octo. “Together, we are delivering outcomes that increase data value and mission agility by helping agencies embrace product thinking and manage data as a product.”

Octo’s Data Mesh Solution

Octo and AWS will also collaborate on this project to develop solutions covering the whole data life cycle including effective ingestion, discoverability, and analytics.

“We are pleased to further work with AWS whom we’ve had a relationship with for several years,” said Mehul Sanghani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Octo. “Working together to determine the future of Octo’s Data Mesh solution is a recipe for success, not just for Octo and AWS, but for federal customers who depend on us to bring next-gen solutions to their most complex challenges.”

In order to quickly and effectively handle its clients’ most pressing problems, Octo uses oLabs, its state-of-the-art facility in Reston, Virginia.