Oggy East of Semantise on hosting with UKFast

Semantise’s hosting situation over the years has been very varied. It initially hosted its servers in-house, then outsourced to another firm. But when that company threatened to place a huge burden on Semantise, it instantly looked to move providers.
“Five years ago we were using another hosting company, but they suddenly decided to triple their charges,” said Oggy. “We couldn’t afford the new price and we certainly weren’t going to pass it on to our clients so we rapidly looked around for another provider that was just as robust, had its own data centres and could provide an even higher level of service.
“UKFast promised to get us up and running really quickly and it was a seamless migration. We knew we’d done the right thing.”
Working with schools and local authorities places a demand on Semantise to ensure its security measures are up to scratch, as they hold the personal information of thousands of children. Working together with UKFast, it is able to reassure existing clients and new customers that their data is always protected.
“We have various rules in place to make our solution bespoke, including a private cloud, dedicated firewall and CommVault backup server,” said Oggy. “All this ensures our clients’ data is secure and always protected.
“Local authorities are interested in cloud technology but they’re still nervous about it, so it’s great that we can give them complete peace of mind that our cloud is controlled completely by us and because we work with UKFast – which has ISO compliance of data information – we can say their data is never going to fall into the wrong hands.”
As Semantise looks to move forward with the launch of its new product, eeZeeTrip — a system to make the organisation of school excursions a lot easier for teachers and parents — it can do so with the peace of mind that its solution with UKFast can be adapted to suit its needs.
“The solutions UKFast offers meet lots of people’s different requirements,” said Oggy. “Whether it’s cloud technology, dedicated servers or colocation that Semantise needs in future, I’m confident UKFast can deliver all those services.
“We don’t want to be system admin people, looking after networks and firewalls all day long so having a team of experts at UKFast to do that for us is just ideal.”

Duration: 3:49
Publisher: UKFast
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