“Our Oil-Based Data Center Solution Enables a 50% Energy Usage Reduction”

Asperitas Data Center in a Box
The highly scalable Asperitas AIC24 solution is compatible with all hardware vendors available on the market.

Deploying sustainable data center infrastructure takes a lot of time and effort, right? Once implemented, you’ll have to fine-tune it over and over again to get high energy-efficiency results, right? Not anymore, as a clean-tech startup from the Netherlands has invented and globally launched their oil-based Datacenter-in-a-Box solution.

“The Asperitas AIC24 solution is a highly flexible and scalable data center solution which caters to the needs of cloud providers,” said Asperitas’ Marketing Manager Maikel Bouricius.

In an interview with HostingJournalist, Asperitas’ Marketing Manager Maikel Bouricius shares with us the ins and outs of their oil-based AIC24 data center solution.

Can you provide a short description of your flagship solution?

“Our patented technology called Immersed Computing® is embedded in an end-to-end solution with a small form factor, with network switching, power distribution, and cable management being included. The solution can support 22 kW of pure IT power with a footprint of 600×1200 mm and it just needs water and power to put it into operation.

An enclosed and self-contained system, each AIC24 unit comes with 24 cassettes for servers or blade systems. The solution is compatible with all hardware vendors available on the market. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dell, HP, Huawei or Supermicro server hardware being selected by our clients, although a proper layout of the hardware inside the AIC24 is important – that’s something we assist our clients with.”

Why oil?

“It’s actually Vaseline, a kind of oil so to say and water that’s being used. About 400 liters actually for one unit. The big advantage of oil is that it facilitates fast heat transport, supporting high compute workloads and very high-density applications.”

What kind of customers is Asperitas aiming for?

“We’re not aiming at commercial data centers, as they don’t own the hardware. We’re aiming at their clients and enterprises instead. As the Asperitas AIC24 solution is a highly flexible and scalable data center solution, it might especially cater to the needs of cloud providers. With its high-density characteristics, our solution also fits the requirements of Intel and NVIDIA’s next-generation chips and motherboards with not only high performance but also very high output.”

The Asperitas data center solution was nominated at Datacloud Europe for its energy efficiency. Last month it also won the Dutch TNO Piet de Jong innovation award. We’ve seen some oil-based solutions before but it never really proved to be workable. Why is the Asperitas AIC24 data center solution different?

“Our founders and a development team worked on it for 2 years. One of their main goals was to make a highly clean and very easy-to-use data center solution. It also had to be very cost-efficient, so they had to find fluids that where easy-to-obtain and cheap. That’s where Vaseline came in. The system is also unique because it autonomously optimizes itself. More than 1,000 sensors allow for monitoring and remote control of the solution, for preventing hotspots and other potential issues from happening.”

How energy efficient is the Asperitas immersed computing technology exactly?

“Compared to traditional air-cooled solutions, our technology enables a 50% energy usage reduction in an enterprise or commercial data center setup while 100% maintaining the desired IT performance. It doesn’t really matter if the air-cooled solution utilizes compressor cooling or Free Cooling, for that matter. Even compared to the most energy-efficient air-cooled setups today, our Datacenter-in-a-Box solution will be 50% more efficient. ”

How scalable is your immersed computing solution?

“You can start with just one Asperitas AIC24 unit and easily expand it up to a few thousand units if needed. As said, you only need power and water to put them into operation and they’re plug and play. You can create rows and put them back-to-back in a data center hall. The good thing is also that’s they’re not that high and it doesn’t require raised floors, so you don’t need high ceilings which makes it floor space efficient. It can also be deployed in real estate which is not purpose-built for data center applications.”

Asperitas just launched the solution globally, do you already have some use cases available?

“One of our clients that we’ve signed up is EcoRacks from Eindhoven, the Netherlands – a company with one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world. They will use Asperitas AIC24 units for customers in the high-density cloud segment. EcoRacks has built a new data hall to expand their facility and offer our Datacenter-in-a-Box solution to their clients.”

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