Oliver Yeates CEO of Clicky Media on UKFast

Oliver Yeates, CEO of Clicky Media on UKFast: “We’ve grown from a one-man-band, to a team of 25, in just seven years. The reason for that is simply because our clients’ requirements have increased over the years.”
At first, they just wanted a single website and to be found in a Google search. Now, they need advertising platforms, help with SEO, mobile-responsive websites; the list goes on. The industry has changed hugely and does every day, so it’s an extremely interesting place to be right now.
As its clients requests have become increasingly complex and demanding of ClickyMedia’s time, it needs to ensure its hosting situation is taken care of by experts at all times. Its previous host couldn’t offer unwavering support, so in 2011 ClickyMedia started to scour the market for a new solution. In a twist of fate, it was the hiring of a new team member that led it to UKFast.
Oliver said We were using a shared hosting platform, but it got to the stage where we needed something dedicated, with a support team that could help us at any time of day. The last thing I want is to be bogged down with managing servers in-house; we need to concentrate on what we’re good at.
On the day that a new web designer started with us, we were having serious server issues. He said he’d worked with UKFast before, and said that if we were using its servers we wouldn’t be having the problems we were because its support and its technology are so much better. We made a decision on the spot; we called UKFast right there and then, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
Everything works perfectly now; our websites run really quickly, and we’re able to phone up and alter our solution to work better for those clients with really big requirements. You’d expect clients to be a bit wary of paying more for larger solutions, but when they know it’s UKFast and they know how good the service will be, they don’t mind investing that little bit extra.
Working with public bodies such as the NHS and city councils means ClickyMedia can’t compromise on security. Working with UKFast has ensured it is meeting legal requirements with flying colours, and the level of customer support it receives is better than ever before.
We’re asked about security a lot, said Oliver. It’s something we need to consider with most of our new clients, but we’re also tested on it. We have to use a solution that is configured in specific ways to pass security tests set by national bodies, and when we tested our UKFast server, it passed first time.
A lot of hosting companies provide the same technical package as UKFast, but that critical service element just isn’t there, and we can’t function without that.
We recommend UKFast to everyone we come across; our experience with it has been excellent and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with a company that grows with us.

Duration: 3:53
Publisher: UKFast
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