An on-demand NFV service offering branch-to-cloud connectivity using Cisco SD-WAN cloud interconnect has been launched by Megaport. It’s called Megaport Virtual Edge or MVE and will help to give businesses the ability to modernize their network by hosting on-demand functions on the Software-Defined Network from Megaport.

As a global NaaS provider, Megaport will now offer extended network functions closer to the edge without any need to deploy hardware. The launch will provide MVE in 15 metros found in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Another six locations are expected to be added by the end of April.

MVE will give users the flexibility they need to deploy virtual devices near larger concentrations of local users and optimize the data termination for better performance.

Megaport is Transforming Networking at the Edge

With the launch of MVE, networking at the edge will be transformed allowing users to host NFV instances in locations they are needed, on-demand. MVE customers would be able to “simply” manage them with a point-and-click method – making networking at the edge easier.

With Megaport Virtual Edge, users would gain the following features and benefits:

  • A highly scalable access point for connecting networks
  • Connect networks to Megaport’s Private SDN through the public internet
  • Utilize the transit gateway to create a connection between the customer’s network and the Megaport SDN
  • Extend their network closer to the edge in real-time
  • Reduce cloud egress costs by connecting to major cloud providers and using private connectivity for middle and last-mile connectivity
  • Route mission-critical traffic to the Megaport private SDN to reduced Internet dependence

Along with these features and benefits, MVE customers won’t need to install or manage any hardware. Users gain access to multi-cloud secured connections for more than 360 service providers, more than 220 cloud interconnect points, and over 700 enabled data centers.

Megaport’s Partnership with Cisco

Cisco and Megaport are working together to provide Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with MVE for enterprises. A bridge can be created from SD-WAN to Megaport’s SDN allowing customers to gain the advantages. They may gain full control to overlay fabric and underlay fabric with the same Cisco SD-WAN controller.

Larger companies using Cisco SD-WAN to consume multiple cloud applications may gain significant control and visibility with MVE. The ability of underlay interconnect connectivity, along with SD-WAN overlay would make it easier for enterprise IT to gain higher performance and security.

Along with Cisco, Megaport is working on integrating other SD-WAN platforms with MVE. Fortinet and VMware have already partnered with Megaport and will be added very soon.

About Megaport

As a NaaS solutions provider, Megaport helps businesses by delivering its global SDN with rapid connectivity to their network. Megaport provides network capabilities to help increase speed to market and reduce operating costs compared to other network solutions. Megaport has partnered with several top cloud service provides and data centers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Evoque data centers, EdgeConneX data centers, and NorthC Datacenters.

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