OnApp Releases Incremental Backup for Virtual Servers

virtual-serversOnApp, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with a hosting platform for hosts, telcos and MSPs, has added an incremental backup system for its virtual servers. With incremental backup, hosting services providers can let their customers choose to back up only files that change, which reduces the time, disk space and cost of backup.

Incremental backup joins OnApp’s existing snapshot capabilities for virtual servers. Each type of backup can be taken on an ad-hoc basis or automated via a backup schedule, and hosting services providers can control the number of free backups, and backup limits and prices in their billing plans for different tiers of customer.

Linux Virtual Servers

The incremental backup system supports Linux Virtual Servers running on Xen and KVM hypervisors. Incremental backup for Windows and other operating systems is available through OnApp’s partnership with Bacula4Hosts. OnApp will continue to enhance its backup capabilities in future releases.

The new service of OnApp also features a range of enhancements to location groups, virtual server troubleshooting, and diagnostics for OnApp Storage, the platform’s integrated SAN.

OnApp provides a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform for hosts, telcos and MSPs, with one fully automated control panel for cloud services, dedicated servers, virtual servers, CDN, storage and more. More than 800 hosting services providers in 87 countries run on OnApp. OnApp launched in July 2010 and has more than 120 staff across the EU, U.S. and Asia-Pacific.