OnApp Releases Version 3.5 of Its IaaS Cloud Platform, Enables Integration of Amazon EC2 Cloud Servers

OnApp, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider serving more than 3,000 cloud hosting providers in 93 countries, has released version 3.5 of its OnApp cloud platform. The new release enables Amazon EC2 cloud servers to be provisioned and managed through the OnApp control panel, and brings third party cloud infrastructure into the OnApp ecosystem for the first time.

As well as simplifying the way diverse cloud technologies are provisioned and managed, OnApp v3.5 would pave the way for tighter integration of other cloud platforms into the OnApp Federation – the global network of 3,000+ cloud hosting providers in 93 countries who run on OnApp software.

onapp-cloudWith OnApp v3.5, cloud hosting providers can now offer Xen, KVM, VMware and EC2 cloud servers; bare metal and hybrid smart servers; multiple types of storage and backup; and global CDN and DNS, among other Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities. OnApp v3.5 brings all of these services together under a ’single pane of glass’ control panel, through which a cloud hosting end user can deploy services on a provider’s local infrastructure, on infrastructure from the OnApp Federation, and now on Amazon infrastructure too.

“The OnApp Federation allows anyone running OnApp to tap into this network to extend the scale and reach of their local cloud service,” said Ditlev Bredahl, OnApp CEO. “But the Federation is not just an OnApp story. Every service provider has clients who run workloads on other cloud hosting platforms, and that’s always going to be the case. So it makes sense to help those clients unify everything into one control panel – regardless of the virtualization technology or where the physical infrastructure actually lives.”

OnApp software enables hosting service providers to sell the complete range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service products, from barebones virtual servers to fully automated cloud, dedicated servers, CDN, storage and more.

World Hosting Days

“We’ll be introducing tighter integration with other cloud platforms,” said Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp.

“That’s the starting point for what we’re doing, by bringing Amazon EC2 into OnApp along with VMware, Xen, KVM, bare metal, CDN and everything else,” added Mr. Bredahl. “From there we’ll be introducing tighter integration with other cloud platforms, and ultimately enabling every kind of cloud service to be provisioned fluidly across every kind of infrastructure. That’s how users want to consume infrastructure, and that’s how OnApp customers will grow in the future – not by using infrastructure to differentiate, but by building compelling services that provide access to it. Just as AirBnB and Uber have disrupted their industries with this approach, it’s becoming the new normal in hosting, and already the number of service providers taking part is ramping up.”

OnApp v3.5 will be demonstrated at the OnApp booth at World Hosting Days on 24-26 March 2015 in Europa Park, Germany – one of the world’s largest events for the hosting and cloud service provider industry. At the event OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl will also present on ‘the new normal’ for hosting during his keynote on Thursday 26th March at 11:30am.