OnApp Unveils Self-service Portal for Creating Your Own Hybrid Cloud Platform

OnApp has launched Cloud.net, a new self-service portal for rapid deployment of “ready-to-use” public and private cloud platforms. By automating cloud platform deployment, Cloud.net would offer an easy way for service providers and enterprise IT departments to create the public and private cloud infrastructure they need, when they need it, without CAPEX on hardware or long-term OPEX commitment.

Tim Meredith
“Cloud.net enables companies to deploy hybrid cloud infrastructure at speed, without CAPEX or commercial lock-in,” said Tim Meredith, Chief Commercial Officer at OnApp.

Cloud.net enables companies to configure, buy and remotely deploy a complete cloud platform, including OnApp’s KVM virtualization, software-defined storage and networking stack; a full set of cloud management and provisioning tools; a white-label cloud management UI; and the hardware infrastructure, “in less than two hours.”

The whole cloud environment is provided as a managed service, with 24×7 support, 5×9 SLAs for the hardware and software infrastructure, and month-to-month pricing.

“There has never been a greater need for companies to have a hybrid cloud strategy, so they can respond to the next market trend, national event or international crisis,” said Tim Meredith, Chief Commercial Officer at OnApp. “The challenge with that has always been balancing rapid deployment, IT availability and cost control: you either needed available CAPEX to buy hardware yourself (and the teams and time to set it up) or a large OPEX budget to keep cloud hardware reserved but not used. Cloud.net overcomes these challenges by enabling companies to deploy hybrid cloud infrastructure at speed, without CAPEX or commercial lock-in.”

For Service Providers and Enterprises

Once a company has deployed their cloud platform, they are provided with their own OnApp control panel instance, which would give them intuitive tools to create whatever flavor of public or private cloud they need. For service providers, it would be an easy way to create cloud services they can sell to their customers. For enterprises, it would be an easy way to execute on their hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, or transition to cloud for the first time.

Cloud.net currently allows customers to build cloud environments using two types of compute infrastructure: shared compute from OnApp’s federated cloud marketplace, and dedicated bare metal instances from AWS. 40 locations are currently available, and workloads can “easily” be migrated between them, allowing companies to adapt their infrastructure strategy to suit changing market conditions.

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