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Learn how to deploy AWS Shield Advanced and AWS WAF across your organization when you are just getting started. In this video, you will learn how to use an aws-samples CloudFormation template to Subscribe and configure AWS Shield Advanced and leverage AWS Firewall Manager to deploy AWS WAF with recommended rules. You will also understand what are next steps and how to expand what you learn for several common scenarios.

AWS-Samples templates and code can be found –


1) Enable Service Managed StackSets –

2) Enable Firewall Manager –

3) Enable AWS Config for use with Firewall Manager –

4) Getting a Support Plan –

How to create rule exceptions in AWS WAF :

1) how-to-customize-behavior-of-aws-managed-rules-for-aws-waf –

2) guidelines-for-implementing-aws-waf –

3) query-examples-waf-logs –

Additional Useful Shield Advanced Resources:
1) aws-shield-advanced-examples –

2) Event Driven Amazon Route 53 health checks for Shield Advanced –

3) Automations for AWS Firewall Manager – AWS Solution –

00:00-00:39 Intro
00:39-01:31 Agenda
01:31-2:20 Prerequisites
02:20-3:26 Architecture
03:26-05:03 Deployment
05:03-10:00 Mandatory Parameters
10:00-13:47 Optional Configuration Options
13:47-15:52 Tagging Strategy
15:52-18:53 Next Steps

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