Online marketing on a shoestring budget | 123-reg

Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at Host Europe Group, talks about the online marketing that you can do that costs next to nothing or absolutely nothing except for the time that you have.

Watch Nick’s interesting presentation at Google Town Hall to find out which are the marketing techniques that you can use to raise the awareness of your website, drive traffic to your website and ultimately drive more sales.

A small business has many effort resources and not many cash resources so Nick explains how you can use the resources you DO have in order to drive traffic and sales for your business.
Nick’s main focus in this presentation is content marketing which is about creating interesting content (words, images, video) on your site or on other sites in order to get people to talk about your business and link to your website.

Watch his video presentation to find out:

• What lies behind great content marketing and what will get people to read, share, recommend and talk about your content.
• What is the process of creating great content marketing
• How to find ideas and discover what type content you need to create
• Where to go online to find ideas to create content
• How to find places to publish your content…

And much more!

Duration: 28:57
Publisher: 123 Reg
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