Open Compute Pioneer QCT Showcases Open Rack v2 Systems at OCP U.S. Summit

At the OCP U.S. Summit in Santa Clara, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), has demonstrated its depth of experience and long-standing support of the Open Compute Project by showcasing its new products – including its Rackgo X Open Rack v2 solutions and 19” OCP-compliant servers.

The Open Rack v2 standard – managed by the Open Compute Foundation community – is a technology supported by QCT since its launch. The new Open Rack v2 product offerings would open the door for QCT customers to embrace the latest high-density low-latency flash technology. They would also deliver a high-performance NVLink-enabled solution for deep learning and machine learning.

qct hyper converged infrastructureIn the spotlight for QCT at the OCP U.S. Summit was its refreshed Rackgo X lineup for cloud service providers and large enterprise datacenters. Rackgo X is a 21″ Open Rack v2 solution with a single bus bar design to achieve higher energy and cost efficiencies.

  • Rackgo X Big Basin is the first pure GPU enclosure that features up to eight SXM2 GPU modules with NVLink support for AI applications.
  • Rackgo X Lightning Bolt is a 2 OU 3-node, high density, all-NVMe system for Open Rack, featuring up to 48 NVMe SSDs as well as a PCIe direct attached or NVMe over Fabrics solution to fit specific workloads.
  • Rackgo X Tioga Pass is a 2 OU 3-node compute server based on the next-generation Intel Xeon processor family. With its flexible design, Rackgo X Tioga Pass can easily be configured for multi-workload applications.

Also on display in the QCT booth at the OCP U.S. Summit were:

  • OCP-compliant 19” servers including the next generation industrial standard 1U1N server and 2U4N server models based on Tioga Pass design:
  • QuantaGrid S52B-1U, the mainstream 1U standard server featuring the next gen OCP-compliant Decathlete motherboard.
  • QuantaPlex T52H-2U, a revolutionary front access, high-density 2U4N server featuring the next-generation OCP Tioga Pass motherboard in a flexible chassis design, convertible to standard EIA or OCP platforms.
  • QCT RSD rack architecture which is the world’s first Intel RSD solution based on Open Rack v2.
  • QuantaMesh BMS T7128-IX5 is a new modular switch designed for middle of row and end of row positions to aggregate traffic. Based on the Clos architecture design, the T7128-IX5 is a 6U module switch with up to 128 100G ports and easy software porting characteristics.
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