Open Edge Cloud Provider Qwilt to Scale Streaming Content Delivery for PTCL Subscribers Across Pakistan

Qwilt, a provider of ‘Open Edge Cloud’ that supports applications such as Open Caching, 4K Live Streaming, AR, VR, Self- Driving Cars and Internet of Things (IoT), has announced that PTCL – one of the largest mobile and broadband telecommunications and Internet Services Providers (ISPs) in Pakistan, has chosen Qwilt’s open caching solution for content delivery for its OTT customers and for improving Quality of Experience (QoE) for its subscribers.

By deploying Qwilt’s content delivery and open caching solution, PTCL is looking to scale its network in response to the significant growth of streaming video services in Pakistan.

“PTCL’s internet services are designed for users to help them experience unmatched performance, reliability, and affordability,” said Saad Muzaffar Waraich, Chief Technology and Information Officer, PTCL. “Our OTT streaming services have been growing at a rapid pace. As we expect more dramatic growth in the coming years, we have decided to expand our existing CDN and go closer to the customer and I believe Qwilt’s content delivery solution can potentially provide the required foundation we need. Thanks to Qwilt, we have successfully created an efficient, intelligent and resilient network with content delivery architecture that can scale quickly to meet our needs. For PTCL, the business outcomes are outstanding.”

Streaming Video, CDN

By analyzing OTT video traffic in real-time, Qwilt’s open cache solution, deployed deep in ISP networks, can cache and deliver popular video content locally, close to subscribers optimizing streaming for both network utilization and quality of experience. The result would be a comprehensive and open architecture that can manage OTT, VOD and live streaming video in operator networks. This new open architecture is the foundation which would enable network scaling to support the future of online video streaming.

“The extraordinary growth of online video streaming has prompted internet service providers to embrace an open architecture to scale their networks and deliver a high-quality experience to their customers,” said Mark Fisher, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Qwilt. He said, Qwilt’s open caching is the open architecture solution that allows operators to scale their networks for content delivery. “We are excited to work with PTCL to extend the reach of our content delivery and open caching solution to meet surging demand for online video streaming in Pakistan,” added Mr. Fisher.

Apache Traffic Control

The announcement follows the news that Qwilt launched its enhanced Open Edge Service Provider CDN – an application within its line of Open Edge Cloud solutions. Qwilt’s Open Edge CDN, with an augmented suite of APIs, extends the company’s “expertise” in edge computing, open caching and web-scale content delivery with an “innovative”, cloud-based service provider CDN offering built on the Apache Traffic Control open source project. This combination of cloud-based CDN operations and edge delivery would result in two unique benefits to service providers: web-scale architecture and low-latency, high-quality content delivery from the network edge.