Open source data processing on Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Next ’17)

The great power provided by open source data processing tools has often come with the burden of great responsibility. The open source data processing ecosystem, including Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, is robust but frequently hard to administer, use at scale and manage. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as the open cloud, can help you utilize these OSS tools at scale, cost effectively, with hands-off management. By combining Google Cloud’s strengths in both software and hardware, we offer Google Cloud Dataproc. With Cloud Dataproc, you can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively use the Spark and Hadoop ecosystem, instead of running your own infrastructure. In this video, James Malone covers the basics of using Cloud Dataproc to get started with managed Spark and Hadoop within minutes.

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Duration: 44:25
Publisher: Google Cloud
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