Open19 Data Center Rack Standard Framework Goes to The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation from now on will be hosting the Open19 rack standard framework to help accelerate innovation within data center and edge hardware environments. Next to OCP (Open Compute Project), originated by LinkedIn, Open19 provides an efficient form factor for servers and rack deployments in data centers.

A nonprofit organization using open source to create innovation, The Linux Foundation is now hosting the Open19 Foundation, which is an open hardware platform for edge and data center innovation.

This announcement comes at the same time as the announcement that Yuval Bachar, former principal engineer for LinkedIn’s global data center infrastructure and architecture, will be joining The Linux Foundation to help lead the effort. Mr. Bachar was one of the original founders of the Open19 project.

Data Center Hardware and Software Under One Roof

While the roof may be virtual, hosting Open19 now means The Linux Foundation has both data center hardware and software under one roof. Open19 has a strong focus on hardware created to enable storage, compute, and network manufacturers to develop hardware solutions and also protect their intellectual property.

The Linux Foundation and Open19 Project are both dedicated to providing solutions for businesses to use the specialized infrastructure and gain the benefits. They are planning to work together to solve some of the main challenges faced by today’s data centers.

Open19 Framework for Hardware Innovation

The Open19 framework provides a solution for deploying and accessing hardware innovation at any scale. From large-scale custom clouds to edge environments, it has the ability to support any scale.

The unique intellectual property model from Open19 provides technology partners, cloud service providers, tech-forward enterprises, supply chain partners, and telecons with the leverage they need to address the modern commute and network deployments without a high amount of risk. This helps to reduce the amount of time it takes for new solutions to make it to market and may help keep the cost of operations down at the same time.

The Return of Yuval Bachar

As a founder of the Open19 project, Yuval Bachar will be returning to The Linux Foundation to help support the project and the community. He has an extensive resume including leadership roles at large tech companies, such as Cisco, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Some of the biggest technological developments including data center networking to Machine Learning to AI (Artificial Intelligence) have been influenced by Bachar and the teams he has been the leader of over the past few years. Recently, he was the Principal Hardware Architect for the Azure Platform and he was also the Principal Engineer at LinkedIn for the global infrastructure team.

With this new announcement, The Linux Foundation and the Open19 project plan to work on the next generation of Open10 specification with hopes to make it available later this year.