OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015 – NFV Fireside Chat: Big Questions About NFV

Sutapa Bansal, Director of Product Management at Mirantis, hosts a NFV Fireside at OpenStack Silicon Valley, featuring:

• Chris Price: Open Source Manager for SDN, Cloud and NFV, Ericsson
• Valentina Alaria: Senior Director Product and Solutions Marketing, PLUMgrid
• Andrew Mitry: Lead Architect, Comcast
• Ronen Kofman: VP of Product Management, Mirantis

If you’re following NFV, then you know that the biggest questions revolve around NFV use cases, feature completeness, and production readiness.

In this session, we’ll talk to NFV early adopters carrier/service providers, and learn more about NFV use cases,the benefits they are seeing, and their POC and production plans for different use cases.

We’ll talk about the network service agility vs the allure of cost advantages. Find out how what the OPNFV project is doing to define an open source reference architecture.

Learn more about what’s missing that is needed to drive NFV to wider adoption, and what differentiates POC use cases (like virtual firewall) from the more sophisticated production applications (like vEPC).

Finally, we’ll talk what’s happening in OpenStack that is accelerating NFV adoption, including changes in Nova and Neutron to accelerate performance of VNFs, including a word or two about containers and VNFs.

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Duration: 28:39
Publisher: Mirantis
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