OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015 – Protecting Yourself from the Container Shakeout by Boris Renski

Boris Renski, CMO & Co-Founder of Mirantis and Lachlan Evenson, Team Lead, Cloud Platform Engineering, Lithium Technologies, speak at OpenStack Silicon Valley:

The Docker-fueled container craze is much less of a threat to VMs or OpenStack than it is to PaaS vendors. The story of “do it the way Google does it” is proving just as tough to monetize with enterprises as commodity cloud was. Boris will talk about OpenStack as a “safe harbor” from the coming container shakeout, leveraging the project’s maturity as a place to try various container strategies until the winner emerges.

Lachlan Evenson of Lithium will join Boris to share how Lithium deployed Kubernetes on OpenStack.

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Duration: 23:34
Publisher: Mirantis
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