OpenText Launches Data Centers to Support Customers in Japan and Across the Asia-Pacific Region

OpenText a NASDAQ listed company and a global provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), has announced the launch of two data centers to support its OpenText Trading Grid and OpenText Managed Services customers across Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

The OpenText Trading Grid is a B2B integration platform powered by the OpenText Cloud that would enable enterprises to connect to their business partners quickly, securely and efficiently, without the risks and challenges associated with behind-the-firewall software. OpenText can manage the digital business network for an entire complex, multi-national B2B program or handle a smaller subset of selected projects, regions or trading partner relationships.

Located in Tokyo and Osaka, the new data center facilities would provide customers with reliability, performance and scalability required for the real-time delivery of information across a global business network.

Tokyo and Osaka

“As many countries, including Japan, begin to mandate local processing of their data, the data centers in Tokyo and Osaka offer our cloud-based information exchange services while addressing data sovereignty concerns,” said Nori Hayakawa, president, OpenText Japan. “With our Asia-Pacific data centers in Japan, OpenText can help customers across the region adopt B2B integration as a key enabler in their businesses.”

opentext-cloudThese data center facilities, operating in tandem, allow customers across Japan and the Asia-Pacific region to access a variety of enterprise-grade cloud computing services and applications for securely managing, exchanging and socializing enterprise information. Additionally, OpenText customers across the region would benefit from the enhanced data sovereignty and service continuity of a local computing infrastructure, in Japan.

“As companies worldwide adopt new disruptive technologies such as mobile and cloud computing to drive their digital transformation, many countries have begun to develop new information compliance standards and regulations,” said Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of Engineering at OpenText. “As a result, the geographic location of stored and shared information has become a growing concern.”

Zengin and HULFT MFT protocol

The data zones represent an ongoing investment in the OpenText Cloud and the OpenText Trading Grid platform. OpenText‘s commitment to the growing marketplace across the Asia-Pacific region is further evidenced by its support for Japan-specific communications protocols including Zengin and the HULFT MFT protocol as well as the provision of Japanese language support and user-interfaces.

The Zengin Protocol allows Japanese financial institutions and industries to transfer data between financial institutions and the Zengin Data Telecommunication System, a nationwide electronic interbanking system for processing domestic banking transactions, such as remittances and transfers. The HULFT Managed File Transfer Protocol is a software package marketed by Saison Information Systems of Japan that provides highly secure bi-directional data transfer with features such as compression, encryption and checkpoint/restart.