Opsgility Announces Worldwide Release of New Microsoft Azure Training and Learning Paths

Opsgility, a global Microsoft Azure readiness firm, has announced the worldwide release of new courses and learning paths for Microsoft Azure (MSFT). These courses and learning paths are designed for enterprise IT and development to provide a clear roadmap for learning Microsoft Azure – with similar paths and courses coming soon for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. 

Many people associate particular skills with certain roles within the enterprise IT. Opsgility has mapped out their new Azure learning paths to the specific courses required to become proficient in those skills. For example, the role of a Cloud Architect can mean a lot of things to different people. These new learning paths spell out exactly what skills are expected for this role.

microsoft azure training“Our goal is to help IT leadership prepare their organizations to meet the challenges of running their business IT services in the Microsoft cloud,” said Michael Washam, CEO of Opsgility. “With the breadth of services and capabilities available it’s a huge challenge to identify where to even get started, much less acquire the advanced skills necessary to truly take advantage of the cloud. We think the breadth of courses and learning paths are a great first step for a company to take on their cloud journey.”

Custom Learning Paths

Opsgility specializes in creating custom courses and learning paths for specific roles within an enterprise organization’s IT department. This experience and best practice has been taken into consideration with the release of the learning paths and can be customized organization by organization based on the actual requirements of the enterprise.

Opsgility is a global provider of Microsoft Azure readiness with over 75 subject matter experts globally available, a huge selection of proprietary courseware for instructor-led and on-demand training. What would set Opsgility apart is their custom curriculum and network of cloud experts that can enable a company for the cloud wherever this company is based.

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