Optimize GCP's Security Architecture for Maximum Protection (Cloud Next '19)

Today’s regulatory landscape requires overarching security elements that cover both business and IT concerns. The objective of this session is to help demystify security considerations and provide recommendations regarding where to start when building a security program around Google Cloud tools and technologies. PwC and Google Cloud will review a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security architecture model deployed and share best practices for GCP security. In addition, PwC and Google Cloud will discuss GCP controls, third party solutions, plus tools and accelerators to help you kickstart your Google Cloud journey.

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Speaker(s): , Shahed Latif, Rob Sadowski, Gokul Raghuraman

Session ID: SEC219
product:Cloud IAM,APIs; fullname:Vineet Bhan,Rob Sadowski;

Duration: 51:13
Publisher: Google Cloud
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