Optimizing Costs & Auto Scaling on AWS Kubernetes [Branch]

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Kubernetes can provide the flexibility needed to grow your application and mobilize your workloads as needed, but for startups can be costly. Branch – a mobile analytics and deep linking platform for developers, learned that using utilizing Spot Instances in combination with your Kubernetes infrastructure can help bring costs down while allowing you to continue development, optimize operations, and expand your application.

Engineering Manager of Infrastructure & Operations Hubert Chen and Engineering Director Ian Chan of Branch Metrics share how Kubernetes immediately provided excellent flexibility and agility for their operations and application teams. They share the steps they took to drive costs down while optimizing auto scaling.

Hubert and Ian share lessons learned and help you course correct to avoid the challenges they faced. They also share design considerations that can help your startup use the most, effective cost saving features of AWS.

Duration: 1:11:1
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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