Optimizing SRE Effectiveness at The New York Times (Cloud Next '19)

Since Q1 2018, nytimes.com runs on GCP. Post-migration, we are learning how the real SRE work is just beginning. For decades, our product development teams depended on a centralized infrastructure team for production operations. Today, development teams must manage their own cloud infrastructure. This is a major shift in our engineering culture. SRE team is helping drive the culture shift by engaging with teams with a customer-centric mindset.

Attendees can expect to learn to leverage product management principles to build empathy and enable better decision-making for the SRE team contributing to building greater levels of operational maturity among development teams and the reliability of systems.

Optimizing SRE Effectiveness → http://bit.ly/2ZhEwmj

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Speaker(s): Surya Sanagavarapu, Vinessa Wan

Session ID: OPS200
product:DevOps & SRE;

Duration: 39:44
Publisher: Google Cloud
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