Oracle Announces Significantly Enhanced Cloud Platform, Expands Its Cloud Services Globally

During Oracle Cloudworld in New York, the company has released an enhanced version of Oracle Cloud Platform. The enhancements include the availability of Oracle Database Cloud Service on bare metal compute, and new virtual machine (VM) compute, load balancing, and storage capabilities – all on the same “low latency, high performance IaaS platform.”

With these enhancements, Oracle Cloud Platform would now deliver differentiated database performance at every scale, and deeply integrated IaaS capabilities, for customers of any size to easily develop, test, and deploy their business-critical applications in the cloud.

oracle cloud platform“These latest investments in the Oracle Cloud Platform provide a clear path to develop, test, and scale applications – with the Oracle Database or third-party databases. We offer customers the most comprehensive approach to moving to the cloud and accelerating their business strategies,” said Thomas Kurian, president, product development, Oracle. “Oracle provides the broadest and strongest choice of relational database cloud services that are 100 percent compatible with applications deployed on-premises, making it easy for customers to seamlessly move enterprise workloads to the cloud.”

The Oracle Database Cloud Service, both on virtualized and high performance bare metal compute servers would be ideal for development, testing, and deployment of enterprise workloads.

New Cloud Regions

At the same time, Oracle has expanded its cloud services globally with three new regions in North America and EMEA. The company has announced plans to bring these three new regions online over the next six months.

The regional expansion of Oracle‘s cloud footprint will include Reston, Virginia; London, UK; and Turkey. The new regions are expected to come online by mid-2017. With this expansion, Oracle will have doubled the regional presence of its cloud platform in the last 24 months, with 29 Regions available globally. Additional Oracle Regions are planned to come online in APAC, North America, and the Middle East through mid-2018.